Calorie counting simplified...
for free

The Count is an app designed

to lower the stress of counting calories.

What makes The Count different?

We fixed the food database

No more frustrating searches through garbage food data. We only use USDA source food data and we spend a ton of time curating it so you can find what you are looking for quickly and confidently.

We give you the raw and cooked weight for the foods you eat, so no more scrolling through endless food variations.

Eat out without the frustration

Stop endlessly scrolling through food databases trying to find something that matches what you ordered. The Count gives you a calorie range and a description to help you decide where your meals fit in that range.

Create a routine for life

Calorie counting apps leave you with too many decisions to make each day. Specifically around how much to eat for each meal. Constantly negotiating with yourself about how big your breakfast, lunch and dinner should be is mentally exhausting. This is decision fatigue and it raises your anxiety, and makes you want to quit.

The Count helps you build a routine that you can lock in and forget for weeks, months and even years. And as it truly becomes routine, I won’t even need an app.

Cook one meal for the entire family

The Count makes it easy to cook one meal for multiple people and still create your perfect portion.

The Count tells you how much it weighs

You enter how many calories you want to eat, and the app tells you how much it weighs!

Set aside calories for weekly fun

Learn to lose weight while still having a good time. Each week you get "fun" calories to use how you want. You can also "Bank" extra calories you don't use throughout the week.