Tips & Tricks

Be ok with being a little hungry

Your body was built to be hungry. It’s ok.

Skip breakfast

If you like having big meals, combine them. By skipping breakfast, you get to add those calories to dinner or any other meals you like. This can make dieting a lot more enjoyable.

The best way to do this is slowly push back breakfast until it runs into lunch. If you eat at 9am, push it back to 10am for a week. Then push it back to 11am for a week. Then remove it all together.

Don’t eat in front of the TV/computer/etc.

Break any mental associations you have between food and entertainment. You don’t want your brain to tell you that you need a snack every time you see the Netflix logo. Swap it out for seltzer and lime or another zero calorie beverage.

Work in blocks of 100 calories

Don’t think about every calorie you are going to eat. Think about eating in blocks of 100, 200 or 300. For example, a 500 calorie lunch might look like: 200 calories chicken, 200 calories rice, 100 calories sauce.

Eat unprocessed foods

It’s ok to eat a chocolate bar for dinner if that’s what you want to do. You will lose fat if you are in a caloric deficit. But you are probably going to be hungry again in a couple of hours. Most of the time, try eating as many unprocessed foods as possible, like lean meats, sweet potatoes and other vegetables. They will keep you fuller longer…and also keep you healthier and happier.